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SWEA Japan is the Japan-based chapter of SWEA, the Swedish Women’s Association, Inc. SWEA Japan was established in 1988, and presently has around 30 members.

SWEA is an international charitable association for Swedish speaking women residing outside Sweden, or having returned to Sweden after having lived abroad. SWEA brings members together around the shared Swedish language, the Swedish heritage and the Swedish culture, thereby establishing both a social meeting point and an international network. The membership facilitates life abroad and provides support at the time of resettlement in Sweden.

SWEA was founded by Agneta Nilsson in 1979. Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson, is SWEA’s Honorary Chairman. Presently, SWEA has some 7,000 members, organized in 72 chapters in 33 countries. Like other chapters around the world, SWEA Japan’s objective is to promote the Swedish language, Swedish culture and Swedish traditions, to facilitate personal and professional contacts and to establish a network for Swedish women in the country of operation and internationally.

SWEA Japan offers a varied program in the greater Tokyo and Kansai areas. By far the largest SWEA event of the year is the annual Christmas Bazaar, which is held at the beginning of December at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo. It is the Swedish communitys’ largest event and provides a wonderful insight into Swedish Christmas traditions and Swedish culture.

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